Negligence on the Property Owner or Caretaker

When you’ve been injured in a slip and fall in bellevue wa, you can place negligence on the property owner or caretaker IF the dangerous condition could have been reasonably known. Under the law, all property owners and caretakers are required to make reasonable efforts to safely maintain the conditions on their property.

That said, it’s up to each individual person to make sure they are being responsible when accessing other people’s property. In other words, if you know there is a good chance a sidewalk is icy but you still decide to run down the street, negligence may not necessarily be placed with the property owner or caretaker.

Proving Negligence

Our law firm will consider the following in slip and fall cases:

  • Was the property caretaker or owner aware of the dangers on the property?
  • Did they take steps to immediately correct the defect?
  • Did the owner know about the dangerous condition, but take corrective actions that were ineffective?  Did the owner ignore the dangerous situation altogether?
  • Did the property owner directly cause the dangerous condition?

These types of accidents can cause a loss of mobility because the injuries suffered caused you to suffer a serious sprain or broken bones. If you find yourself in this situation, call our legal experts at Boyer Law Firm.  Reach out to our experienced team today to learn more about how you can seek compensation for injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident.

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